The Hub

A safe space for our community.

The hub is a welcoming space that is accessible to the community and where we run a number of our programs such as:

  • community meetings
  • health & wellbing activities & programs eg REAL TALK & meditation classes
  • weekly social events for young people
  • education & training eg standard & youth mental health first aid
  • other arts or cultural activities
  • our new community cafe ‘Coffee Connection’

The Hub has been designed as a safe space for anyone in need of social connection and includes a large blue pool table, sofa beds, coffee/tea facilities, TV and vintage video games, free Wifi and a small kitchenette downstairs. The decor is bright, colourful and eclectic and created to encourage meaningful conversations. Many of our volunteers refer to it as their ‘second home’ and a space where they feel like they truly belong. It is open 24 hours with keyless entry and free for anyone over 18 to use after hours.

I am a mother of a young man who suffers from depression and anxiety. For many years he
suffered alone. Being a loved one it is equally unbearable, as you would give the world for their horrid pain to go away. Talk Out Loud came into our lives when my son was at his lowest. This was right where he needed to be.

Talk Out Loud is a place where you can open up as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Everyone there has their own story and deal with it in their own way. He has learned to channel his energy, feelings, and thoughts in the right direction. Talk Out Loud is now like his second family. For this I am truly grateful.

Does he still have his bad days? I am sure he does, however now he doesn’t let it consume his life. He has made life time friends and now spends his time and energy helping others get through their dark days. Talk Out Loud has given me my son back.

Tricia, parent.


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