Mental Health Positives!

This week, being mental health month I thought I’d shine a spotlight on some of the positives of mental illness.


All too often we focus on the negatives of poor mental health so today I thought I’d focus on some of the positives!

For example, have you noticed that because of your lived experience friends and family tend to come to you with their problems? Who better to give advice than you right? You have been through it and understand so you are in the best position to help!

Are you always feeling too much? I like to flip that on it’s head and refer to it as being empathetic! Often it takes living with mental illness to be able to empathise with others because you too know how it feels and as such being empathetic is a quality often smiled upon in society and a trait that is sought after by employers!

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? It’s like an armour we carry proudly to let others know they are not alone!

Are you anxious? How many times have you told someone you are anxious and they have replied “me too” let’s get through this together or sharing tools from each other’s mental health toolkit.

How often do you hear that someone is depressed and you know exactly how they feel and because of your own journey you know exactly how to help them!

I am all of these things and more, as are you! I call them my superpowers! Why superpowers and not negative traits? Because these things give me the superpowers to be able to help others experiencing mental illness as well as breaking the stigma by opening up conversations about mental health and cutting through the crap that we shouldn’t talk about our feelings!

What tools do you use and how do you help others to grow their own toolkit?
Do you know what your superpowers are and how do you go about using them every day?

I hope that by reading this week’s RAW&REAL you have been able to recognise your own superpowers and will go on to help not only everyone in your life but yourself!

By sharing our own experiences we can help break the stigma and build even more resilience when tackling everything that our mental health throws our way and at the same time being a superhero and helping others around us!

Until next week, have an awesome week!!
– Kerry